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Our Team


Carissa Gordon BBus(Acct) ASA - Client Manager

Carissa is a qualified Accountant with 17 years experience in a diverse range of roles, including motel management, not-for-profit organisations and public accounting. Carissa loves working in public practice and helping businesses to improve profits, increase Cashflow and reach their financial goals. She believes that a business is like a snowflake, unique, and should be dealt with and nurtured in its own unique way.


Our team and clients value Carissa’s reliability. We can always count on Carissa’s help to get things done quickly, accurately and without fuss.

Carissa enjoys spending her weekends with her family and loves scrapbooking and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


Jody Smith BBus(Acct) FCPA - Client Manager

Over the 21 years since joining the GTC Financial team in 1999 as a trainee accountant, Jody has gained a vast range of experience working with a variety of clients from many different industries. During that time, Jody has completed her Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at CQ University, the CPA Program with CPA Australia and most recently has been advanced to a Fellow of CPA Australia, recognising her experience, expertise and longstanding commitment to her profession.

Growing up with parents in small business, stemmed Jody’s passion for business and accounting.  She enjoys working with clients, helping them to understand their numbers and grow their business not only as their accountant, but as their trusted business advisor.

Jody values integrity, commitment and passion and relishes the opportunity to work with like-minded people.

Caitlin Purkis

Caitlin Purkis BAcc CA- Client Manager

Caitlin is a Chartered Accountant with over 10 years experience with small business in a variety of different industries such as retail. fishing, agriculture, construction and health practitioners.

Caitlin is passionate about educating our clients and teaching them what thier financial information means. Her purpose is to assist our clients to make smart financial decisions so they exceed thier goals and become financially independent.

Caitlin's care factor is second to none, she genuinely cares for our clients and is always looking for way to improve their situation.

In her down time, Caitlin enjoys catching up with friends and spending time with her family. You can sometines catch her on the Gladstone Golf course or spending a weekend away camping.


Heidi McCormick BAcc - Accountant

Heidi is passionate about business, she has a background in retail management  and grew up in a family run small business. Heidi understands the challenges faced by business owners. She loves digging into problems, finding solutions and believes there is no problem that cannot be resolved.

Heidi enjoys travelling and has travelled extensively throughout Australia, overseas and lived in Ireland for 3 years. She is a marathon runner and loves camping and fishing with family and friends and is always looking to explore something new and exciting.


Michelle Spann - Front Desk Coordinator

Michelle is the welcoming face of GTC. She assists both the Accounting and Financial Planning teams and is always ready to lend a hand, answer queries and assist our clients in any way.

Michelle is a long-time local and has spent the last few years working in the UK. She is always looking for new creative ways to do things and enjoys making fun experiences for those around her.

In her down time, Michelle enjoys performing with the local choir, "Company of Voices". She was lucky enough to be a part of the West End Musical Choir in London, Performing at Disneyland Paris as well as for charities in Trafalgar Square.


 Elona Espiritu - Accountant

Elona has been with GTC Financial since 2019 and her role involves preparing BAS, Annual Accounts, Income Tax Returns.

Her  philosophy is to provide pride and quality in everything she does. She says she enjoys her role because it is challenging and gives her a lot of experience and opportunities to grow.

Elona is results-focused and wants to help GTCs' clients gain financial independence and she always makes a point to deliver on promises and acheive great results  for the team at GTC.

In her downtime Elona loves travelling and discovering places that she hasnt been to. She also loves listening to music, watching movies, hanging out with friends and spending time with her family.


Cristina Boadilla- Accountant

Cristina has been with GTC Financial since July 2020 and her role involves preparing BAS, Annual Accounts and Income Tax Returns.

Cristina enjoys a challenge and loves learning. She is focused on delivering great results for GTC's clients. 

Cristina is energised from listening to the radio, podcasts and reading inspirational books.

On the weekend you will find her mountain hiking, going to the beach or just spend the free time with friends and family.