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6 good reasons why we need life insurance

2.02.2017 by GTC Financial Services

Here are six good reasons why life insurance is a necessity:

  1. Avoid your home being repossessed

If your mortgage relies on the money you make, then you can't afford to be without life insurance. In 2012 alone, a staggering 1,5001 repossession orders in Australia were issued – that's a record high! If you were to die unexpectedly and your family could not keep up with the repayments, your house could become just another statistic; the home you have worked so hard to secure would be lost and your family left vulnerable. However, protect your household with life insurance and you could ensure mortgage repayments are met, even after you are gone.

  1. Cover child care costs

A recent study by the University of Canberra found that the cost for the average family to raise two children has now soared to an overwhelming $812,0002. If you were to pass away before your children have grown, who would foot that bill? A payout from your life insurance policy could pay for the hours of childcare your children may need, and as plans are cheaper than you'd imagine, it's a small investment to make if you consider nothing to be more important than your kids' wellbeing.

  1. Secure a good education for your children

Understandably, you want your children to have the best opportunities in life. As university education fees in Australia are now considered amongst the most expensive in the world, setting up a life insurance plan has never been so important. A payout could meet the costs to support your children's future learning and careers in the eventuality that you are no longer around.

  1. Safeguard your loved ones from inheriting your debts

A life insurance payment could write off your debts and ensure future bills are met - meaning that your loved ones won't be at risk of being chased by your creditors for money you owe. Earlier this year, the Children's Commissioner revealed the disturbing truth that children as young as six years old are concerned over rising transport, energy and health care costs3. No parent wants their baby's childhood destroyed by money worries.

  1. Ensure funeral costs are covered

The average funeral costs up to an unbelievable $14,0004. As a funeral bill is one we don't usually prepare for until someone close to us has died, we are left very little time to plan financially. Thankfully, life insurance covers funeral charges to relieve the financial burden on your loved ones at, what would already be, an incredibly difficult time for them.

  1. It's more affordable than you think

Shockingly, whilst 84%5 of Australians have insured their car, a mere 31% have protected their most important asset – their income. Whether you are the breadwinner or not, it's likely that your income is fundamental to maintaining yours and your loved ones' lifestyles. Many people don't realise that life insurance not only provides a lump sum in the event of your death, but you can also set your policy up to pay out should you fall ill suddenly or become unable to work.

If you would like to know if you have enough life insurance or you need life insurance, please contact me 07 49725177 or email us.

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