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Posted by GTC Financial on 9.04.2024

Self-Audits - Staying on Top of Important Trends in your Business

Busy leaders need to focus on the needs of customers, prospects, employees, regulators, suppliers and so on. However, we encourage these leaders to also take an active interest in the FINANCIAL health of their business.

Conducting a periodic self-audit or financial health check helps identify areas for improvement and ensures the business remains on track towards the financial goals. 

Here are some important topics to cover in a self-audit.

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Topics: Business Evaluation, Business Improvement, Accountability

Posted by GTC Financial on 8.03.2024

Best Practices in Tax Planning for Business Leaders

Here are some guidelines to help business leaders manage their tax affairs in conjunction with their Accountants. Effective tax planning helps minimise tax liability, ensure compliance, and improve cash flow. 

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Topics: Tax planning, business decision-making

Posted by GTC Financial on 23.01.2024

5 Ways to Get the Most from Goal-Setting (and Goal Achievement)

Most leaders acknowledge the value of setting goals and measuring their progress. But many of those same leaders complain of not setting the ‘right’ goals OR say they have trouble achieving the goals. 

Here are 5 methods to help you make goal setting (and goal achievement) a more productive exercise.

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Topics: Business Improvement, Business Planning

Posted by Jody Smith on 2.01.2024

Navigating Inflation and Rising Costs in Your Small Business

In the face of inflation and increasing costs, proactive financial management is crucial for small businesses. Here are practical tips to navigate the impact on your bottom line:

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Topics: cashflow

Posted by KnowledgeShop on 19.12.2023

Bah humbug: The Christmas tax dilemma

Don’t want to pay tax on Christmas? Here are our top tips to avoid giving the Australian Tax Office a bonus this festive season.

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Topics: Christmas, Gifts, ATO, FBT

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