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Posted by GTC Financial on 16.05.2022

Pricing Strategy to Drive Growth and Profit

In some ways, managing a business is not so difficult, at least from a financial perspective. By attracting more customers or selling more to existing customers, you grow revenue. You also try to ensure that revenue greatly exceeds expenses – in which case profits are high!

Simple, right? But what’s missing from this analysis? 

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Topics: Business Improvement, Wealth creation, cashflow, profit, growth

Posted by GTC Financial on 5.02.2022

Managing Your Business in an Inflationary Environment

Many businesses are facing increased costs. This is not necessarily a new business challenge… but the COVID-19 pandemic is driving significant and unpredictable “price spikes”. Let’s look at what business leaders should be thinking about in this environment.

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Topics: Business Planning, managing business risk covid-19, cashflow, businessresilience, business decision-making

Posted by GTC Financial on 30.09.2020

Precise Cash Flow Management - Best Practices

Improving your cash position brings opportunities and reduces business risk. In the absence of equity and debt financing,alternative cash-flow management strategies can make a positive difference.  These ideas will not apply to ALL businesses but perhaps there are some you can implement.

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Topics: Business Improvement, business continuity planning, managing business risk covid-19, cashflow

Posted by GTC Financial on 18.08.2020

Cash Flow Management Best Practices

CASH (FLOW) IS KING! Watch our linked video to understand why that is (beyond the obvious). So you can take these steps in your business to strengthen your current position and create good habits that will benefit you in the future!

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Topics: cashflow, businessresilience

Posted by Jody Smith on 3.06.2020

Managing Cash Flow in a Crisis

In the midst of a global pandemic, now more than ever, it is important as a business owner to have a good handle on your business’s cash needs. While some parts of the economy are starting to open back up, many businesses are only just starting to feel the full impact of dropping sales figures over the last couple of months.

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Topics: Business Improvement, Business Planning, cashflow

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