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Posted by Neville Hughes on 13.02.2019

How to protect your income if you’re self-employed

What are the options available to a small business owner for income protection insurance.

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Topics: Risk Management

Posted by Neville Hughes on 6.02.2019

DIY insurance – is it right for you?

Research shows that Australians are underinsured which has led to the proliferation of television advertisements promoting personal insurance cover. Are these quick and easy plans suitable for your family?

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Topics: Personal Insurance, Risk Management

Posted by GTC Financial on 5.12.2018

’Tis the season to get ripped off – look out for these scams this holiday season

As small business owners begin the mad rush to the end of the year, they’re being urged to be on the lookout for scams that cost them $30,000 on average.

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Topics: Business Planning, Risk Management

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