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Where we start - tax planning

To start we ensure that J&J’s books are up to date (say March) then carry out a quick review to verify the records. Using their March data we estimate J & J’s tax position. This is set out in Table 1;

Table 1 Estimated Tax Position


YTD March

Est. Y/E 30 June 2015

Taxable Income



Tax @ 30%



Less Instalments (incl. Q4)

4 @ $8,000


Est. Tax Position

Tax to pay


If Jack and Jill do nothing they will pay a total of $36,000 for the year.

 What happens next – some bespoke ideas to reduce tax

At our tax planning meeting we discuss various alternatives for reducing tax. The key considerations are – Do the options make good business sense? And do they fit with Jack and Jill’s personal goals.

The following tax planning options are agreed to:

  • Buy a Dyno tuner.

We agree they should lease it, this way they can pre-pay 12 lease payments of $1,000 before 30 June 2015.


  • Additional Superannuation

Jack and Jill are keen to build up superannuation. They have only contributed $5,000 and can contribute a further $20,000 each before 30 June if they want.

Contributing additional superannuation requires cash, we determine they could contribute another $10,000 each and still have sufficient cash to meet financial commitments. To claim a tax deduction the additional contributions must be made well before 30 June.

Jack and Jill receive a report showing their estimated position, a list of the actions agreed, their revised tax position (Table 2) and will receive a follow up call.

Table 2 - Revised Tax Position


Est. Profit

Est. Tax Position

Tax Profit



Tax Planning Actions



Prepay lease



Additional Super






Revised Position



Less Instalments



Estimated Refund



Tax Saved



How they saved their hard earned mula!

By undertaking tax planning Jack and Jill will save $9,600 tax. Better still they have used their money wisely and bought a new Dyno Tuner for their business and put extra money away for retirement.

What you need to do

Tax planning should be done early to ensure all options are considered and the best decisions made. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call us now on 07 4972 5177 or contact us.



  • "We first came to GTC to attend a seminar on 'Importance of Financial Planning'. We have been with GTC for 9 years now, and since then we have achieved a lot of things which we wouldn't have been able to achieve without GTC Financial's help. The comprehensive plan formulated by GTC has helped us pay all our debts and build an investment portfolio without compromising with our lifestyle. We are also living out our dream of travelling the world."

    - John and Rae-Lee Kelly

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  • "We came to GTC when we were in the second year of our business and since then they have helped us build our business every step of the way. Every year they help with tax planning to ensure there are no unexpected surprises. They also helped us to restructure our business entities so that we had better asset protection. Over the past few years Neville has become more like an unofficial partner to our business."

    - Lyndel and Odin Gatt