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Total Financial Care

The primary goal of GTC Financial is to help our clients achieve Financial Independence. We do this by; 

• helping small and medium businesses improve their profits, cash flow and the value of their businesses.
• developing easy to understand plans that help clients achieve their business financial goals &
• providing education and on-going support to keep clients on track to achieve their business financial goals.

Our Total Financial Care means that we provide  Business Financial Care  to our clients. 



Step 1: Discovery

We will ask you lots of questions and collect a lot of information so that we get a comprehensive understanding of your current situation as well as your personal and financial goals.

If we don’t believe your goals are realistic we will be honest and tell you.


Step 2: Identify Risks

It is important to identify those risks that could derail a plan.

For businesses this will include those factors that impact profitability, cash flow and the value of the business. Once identified they will be addressed in the business plan.

Risks to individuals, including business owners, includes anything that could impede or stop their ability to earn an income. Ensuring these risks are covered is an important foundation of any plan and will be incorporated as a Personal Protection Package in the plan.


Step 3: Planning & Implementation

Using the information we have gathered in Steps 1 & 2 a plan is developed to achieve your goals.

The plan could range from a very simple investment plan to a comprehensive business plan comprising a range of elements.

We meet with you and make sure you understand it and that you are satisfied it will achieve your goals. If it doesn’t then it will be amended until it does


Step 4: Ongoing Support

There is no such thing as a “set & forget plan”.

Changes to your circumstances as well as business or investment conditions can all derail a plan. It is important to monitor progress and make adjustments to achieve your goals.

Most people also benefit from being held accountable as part of the monitoring process.  

Our Services


Business Financial Care

Business Financial Care means providing advice when your business needs it – not just when you ask for it. We achieve this by meeting with you regularly to find out how your business is performing and identifying what goals you want to achieve and the issues you need help with. 


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You'll get more and spend less with GTC Financial’s integrated and tailored bookkeeping packages. With super-efficient systems in place, cloud storage and a dedicated manager, GTC Financial is the smart choice for those who share the goal of achieving financial independence.


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  • "We first came to GTC to attend a seminar on 'Importance of Financial Planning'. We have been with GTC for 9 years now, and since then we have achieved a lot of things which we wouldn't have been able to achieve without GTC Financial's help. The comprehensive plan formulated by GTC has helped us pay all our debts and build an investment portfolio without compromising with our lifestyle. We are also living out our dream of travelling the world."

    - John and Rae-Lee Kelly

  • "We came to GTC 10 years ago and since then they have helped us by providing important advice about getting our finances sorted. The best thing about coming to GTC was that we got advice related to all our financial queries at one place. It's an entire package. Not only helping us to build up our business but also in our personal financial planning."

    - Ross and Cheryl Paroz

  • "We came to GTC when we were in the second year of our business and since then they have helped us build our business every step of the way. Every year they help with tax planning to ensure there are no unexpected surprises. They also helped us to restructure our business entities so that we had better asset protection. Over the past few years Neville has become more like an unofficial partner to our business."

    - Lyndel and Odin Gatt