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Financial Independance

Let's take you where you want to be

Packaged Services
Our goal is to help our clients become financially independent. Many small and medium business owners (SMEs) are relying on the sale of their business to fund their retirement. GTC Financial can help you to understand the value of your business and determine if the sale of your business will be enough to make you financially independent. From there we can work with you to prepare a plan that achieves your business and personal goals. This ensures that the business is working for you rather than the other way round.

This package can be structured as a one-off project or as a comprehensive package which includes services offered as part of the Business Essentials and Business Success Packages.

• Business Valuation
• Business Value Gap Analysis
• Succession Planning options

GTC can also advise you in a range of other areas such as:

• Business Structure Advice - how best to structure your business to legally minimise tax and protect your assets.
• Purchasing a business - making sure you only pay what the business is worth.
• Selling your business - maximising the sale price of your business and then how to minimise the tax you pay when you exit.
• Setting up Employee Programs - Role Descriptions, Performance Reviews as well as incentive programs.

We also have a network of trusted advisors that allows us to seek specialist advice quickly when there is a need to deal with complex transactions or unusual circumstances.

In these situations we would give you a fee estimate prior to starting work. 

Everything you'd expect from your trusted advisor.

  • "We first came to GTC to attend a seminar on 'Importance of Financial Planning'. We have been with GTC for 9 years now, and since then we have achieved a lot of things which we wouldn't have been able to achieve without GTC Financial's help. The comprehensive plan formulated by GTC has helped us pay all our debts and build an investment portfolio without compromising with our lifestyle. We are also living out our dream of travelling the world."

    - John and Rae-Lee Kelly

  • "We came to GTC 10 years ago and since then they have helped us by providing important advice about getting our finances sorted. The best thing about coming to GTC was that we got advice related to all our financial queries at one place. It's an entire package. Not only helping us to build up our business but also in our personal financial planning."

    - Ross and Cheryl Paroz

  • "We came to GTC when we were in the second year of our business and since then they have helped us build our business every step of the way. Every year they help with tax planning to ensure there are no unexpected surprises. They also helped us to restructure our business entities so that we had better asset protection. Over the past few years Neville has become more like an unofficial partner to our business."

    - Lyndel and Odin Gatt