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Posted by GTC Financial Services on 17.05.2019

Less debt, more savings

The word “thrifty” is rarely thought of in a positive sense but that’s not fair. If we continually spend more than we earn, our debts will eventually catch up and other words such as “default” or “bankrupt” might become more familiar.

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Topics: Wealth creation, Debt Management, Personal budget

Posted by GTC Financial Services on 12.04.2019

Is there more to investing than property?

Many Australians like to invest in property. However, property is not the only investment option out there. It is important to think about diversification – spreading your investments across a range of assets, markets and industries. There’s no question that property can be a great investment, it can provide good returns via capital growth and rental income and depending on your circumstances can allow for negative gearing. Although, as with all investments it does have its risks and disadvantages, so what other investment options are available?

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Topics: Personal Financial Planning, Wealth creation

Posted by GTC Financial Services on 28.03.2019

How to set financial goals

Whenever the term financial advice is mentioned it is commonly associated with an individual’s financial goals. Whether you have a type of ‘Christmas list’ as long as your arm of things that you’d like to buy, or perhaps you’ve never really thought about it and just buy what you want when you want – financial goals are almost always at the forefront of your mind, you just might not know it yet.

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Topics: Personal Financial Planning, Wealth creation

Posted by GTC Financial Services on 20.08.2018

Financial Planning Week - Share the Dream

Did you know this week is Financial Planning Week? Every year, the Financial Planning Association (FPA) holds Financial Planning Week, to remind Australians about the importance of financial planning. The theme for this year is “Share the Dream” and I think it’s a great reminder of why we need a plan in place to ensure financial wellbeing, not only for ourselves, but future generations as well.

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Topics: Personal Financial Planning

Posted by GTC Financial Services on 15.12.2017

Christmas Shopping Guide 2017

The silly season is here, and while many people are filled with the festive spirit, many others are filled with stress. Christmas doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you plan ahead and use a little technology!

Budget & lists

The best way to avoid bill shock in the new year is to plan exactly what you’re going to buy for who, and only buy that. As tempting as window shopping can be, it’s easy to overspend or buy things just because they’re on sale. It might help to check catalogues in your letterbox or compare prices online to find the best deal.
It may also help to visit an ATM as soon as you get to the shopping centre and withdraw your Christmas budget – that way once it’s gone, it’s gone. Alternatively, set a low limit on your credit card so you don’t overspend.

Avoid peak shopping times

The Commonwealth Bank has crunched the numbers and found that Saturday December 16, or Super Saturday, is likely to be the busiest shopping day in the lead up to Christmas (based on last year’s data). As Christmas Day falls on a Monday this year, Saturday December 23 is also likely to be busy.

Stores are generally able to open until midnight the week before Christmas (depending on your state), so take advantage of this late trade. 

Don’t forget your ship when you shop

If you’re shopping online this Christmas, don’t forget to factor in delivery times to avoid long faces on Christmas Day. Australia Post advises that 1pm Thursday December 21 is absolutely the last day to send anything via Express Post to arrive before Christmas.

Parcels and cards can take anywhere between 2 and 6 business days to be delivered, meaning you’ll want to have your shopping done by Thursday December 14 if your merchant uses Australia Post.

Keep your receipts

Even if you give something as a gift, keep the receipt for warranty and refund purposes. It is far easier to return or exchange an item if you have proof of purchase. If you’ve given a gift that is not fit for purpose or is faulty, consumer protection still applies. Read more about consumer rights and guarantees here.

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Topics: Personal Financial Planning

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