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Posted by GTC Financial on 18.11.2021

Remote Work - The Impact and what Leaders can do

There’s a lot of talk about the impact of ‘remote work’.

Recent studies (cited by McKinsey) claim that workers are leaving jobs at much higher rates than normal. Some say that one-quarter of US workers are preparing to look for new employment opportunities. The number may be greater (up to 40%) in the global workplace. This has been labeled the “Great Attrition”.

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Posted by GTC Financial on 14.10.2021

7 Ways Leaders Inspire Change (in Challenging Times)

Humans are adaptable. That’s how we’ve survived for a long time! 

No surprises, then, that people have quickly responded to COVID-imposed changes, like complying with lockdowns, wearing masks or working from home. However, sustaining these changes for a long time is much more challenging.

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Posted by GTC Financial on 21.09.2021

How The Tough Get Going: The Evolving Role of Leadership

It’s a challenging time to be leading an organisation... but some leaders have stepped up admirably and are running thriving enterprises. There’s no formula, but let’s examine what’s driving the success of leaders now and in the coming years.

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