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Posted by Jessica Hall on 8.11.2018

5 secrets of a successful saver

Everyone saves money differently. Some set aside a percentage of their pay regularly, others use lump sums from bonuses or tax refunds. The secret to reaching your savings goal is to choose the right account, understand how to use it and form a habit of saving regularly. Here are our tips to help you on your way.

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Topics: Wealth creation

Posted by Jessica Hall on 30.10.2018

Buy now; pay later; manage carefully

How does the now popular ‘buy now, pay later’ offer work? Find out how to avoid the pitfalls and what you can do about it.  The case study below looks at a common situation many of us find ourselves in.

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Topics: Debt Management

Posted by Jessica Hall on 23.10.2018

Tax Refund & Other Windfalls

Tax season is here again and for some, this will create an unexpected windfall.  Along with a tax refund, windfalls can come in the way of a work bonus, an inheritance, a second household income, or even by ridding ourselves of extra possessions via Gumtree!

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Topics: Wealth creation, Debt Management, Personal Financial Planning, Investment

Posted by Jessica Hall on 17.10.2018

4 Good Places to Stash Your Cash

If there is a good chance you will receive a tax refund this year or by being thrifty you have accumulated some extra cash in your everyday account, try to contain the temptation to splurge or celebrate; instead make it work harder for you.

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Topics: Wealth creation, Personal Financial Planning, Investment

Posted by Jessica Hall on 12.10.2018

Keys to de-stress your mortgage

“Don't sail out farther than you can row back.” This Danish saying is sound advice for anyone thinking of borrowing to buy a home.

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Topics: Personal Financial Planning, Investment, Wealth creation, Debt Management

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