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Posted by GTC Financial on 16.05.2022

Pricing Strategy to Drive Growth and Profit

In some ways, managing a business is not so difficult, at least from a financial perspective. By attracting more customers or selling more to existing customers, you grow revenue. You also try to ensure that revenue greatly exceeds expenses – in which case profits are high!

Simple, right? But what’s missing from this analysis? 

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Topics: Business Improvement, Wealth creation, cashflow, profit, growth

Posted by GTC Financial on 8.04.2022

Managing Costs - Best Practices in Expense Reporting

It’s good business practice to manage expenses carefully. Even a successful, cash-rich business should be meticulous about how they’re spending money. (Often that is how they become cash-rich and successful in the first place). A business which is short of cash or is forecasting losses needs even closer oversight.

Enter the humble Expense Report, one of the tools used to manage expenses.

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Topics: Business Improvement, Accountability, Expenses

Posted by GTC Financial on 21.03.2022

7 Best Practices in Digital Transformation of a Business

The ‘digital revolution’ is not exactly new... but we still see businesses battling with basic things. Financial reporting is an example… where leaders may need multiple reports from different systems to see their bank balance, accounts receivable, invoicing status, payroll, sales performance, timesheets, and so on. 

Not surprisingly, businesses continue to invest in digital, data, and analytics to improve performance and get ahead of the competition. Let’s look at some approaches which help you succeed in this area.

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Topics: Business Improvement, technology, digital strategy

Posted by GTC Financial on 21.03.2022

Strengthening Your Brand - What is Involved and Why Does it Matter?

Most business leaders agree that branding is important in business. Given the opportunity, they’d like to strengthen their brand to generate more leads, grow sales and increase customer loyalty. 

How do you ‘strengthen a brand’? It can get murky at this point... so let’s take a closer look. 

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Topics: Business Improvement, Business Planning, Leadgeneration, Branding

Posted by GTC Financial on 5.02.2022

Managing Your Business in an Inflationary Environment

Many businesses are facing increased costs. This is not necessarily a new business challenge… but the COVID-19 pandemic is driving significant and unpredictable “price spikes”. Let’s look at what business leaders should be thinking about in this environment.

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Topics: Business Planning, managing business risk covid-19, cashflow, businessresilience, business decision-making

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