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Posted by Jessica Hall on 29.11.2018

Making Christmas a time of joy for you

Not many people look forward to Christmas – do you? Here are 3 amazing ideas so you can have a different and much better Christmas.

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Topics: Debt Management, Personal Financial Planning

Posted by Jessica Hall on 22.11.2018

All I want for Christmas... is to be debt free!

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s easy to get caught up in the festivities of the season. Unfortunately this can be bad news for your finances. After a year of careful spending don’t let Christmas blow your budget. Follow these tips and emerge in the New Year without the financial hangover.

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Topics: Debt Management, Wealth creation

Posted by Jessica Hall on 15.11.2018

How to make friends with your credit card

The pictures are enticing: ocean blues and hibiscus pinks; white beaches; nightclubs. For twenty-somethings, tropical holidays are rites of passage few can resist; fewer still can afford them – even if we think we can.

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Topics: Debt Management, Personal Financial Planning

Posted by Jessica Hall on 30.10.2018

Buy now; pay later; manage carefully

How does the now popular ‘buy now, pay later’ offer work? Find out how to avoid the pitfalls and what you can do about it.  The case study below looks at a common situation many of us find ourselves in.

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Topics: Debt Management

Posted by Jessica Hall on 23.10.2018

Tax Refund & Other Windfalls

Tax season is here again and for some, this will create an unexpected windfall.  Along with a tax refund, windfalls can come in the way of a work bonus, an inheritance, a second household income, or even by ridding ourselves of extra possessions via Gumtree!

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Topics: Wealth creation, Debt Management, Personal Financial Planning, Investment

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