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Posted by GTC Financial on 29.10.2020

Succession Planning - Making an Early Start

As accountants, we like our clients to think ahead… even on a 3 to 10-year timeframe. A major part of this is Succession Planning. Where Succession Planning is concerned, clarity brings opportunity… and the risks of “getting it wrong” can be significant.

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Topics: Retirement Planning, Business Planning

Posted by GTC Financial on 22.10.2020

Being a Sales Powerhouse - The Importance of Sales Process

What makes a business a powerhouse in sales? Absolutely essential are attractive products offered at a reasonable price to customers who need those products.

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Topics: Business Improvement, business continuity planning

Posted by GTC Financial on 30.09.2020

Precise Cash Flow Management - Best Practices

Improving your cash position brings opportunities and reduces business risk. In the absence of equity and debt financing,alternative cash-flow management strategies can make a positive difference.  These ideas will not apply to ALL businesses but perhaps there are some you can implement.

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Topics: Business Improvement, business continuity planning, managing business risk covid-19, cashflow

Posted by GTC Financial on 16.09.2020

Business Resilience: Focusing on the Priorities

As accountants, we like our clients to focus on activities that have the biggest positive impact on the business. That leads to business resilience and organizations which thrive even in uncertain economic times.

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Topics: businessimprovement, businessresilience

Posted by Jody Smith on 16.09.2020

JobKeeper Extension – What now?

With JobKeeper due to enter its next phase on 28 September, it is important that businesses understand the key changes and what they need to do. 

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Topics: jobkeeper payment, businessresilience

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