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Posted by GTC Financial on 4.09.2020

Improving Cash Flow By Renegotiating Customer Credit Terms

It's not obvious that you HAVE TO extend credit terms to your customers. If you do, negotiate terms which are favorable to your business so you get earlier access to cash. A small change can make a big difference. Watch this short video for more on this topic.

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Topics: Debt Management, business continuity planning, businessresilience

Posted by GTC Financial on 3.09.2020

5 Steps to Stronger Cash Flow Management

Watching businesses deal with recent business conditions reveals that some are struggling for survival while others are ‘going gangbusters’. Businesses at both of these extremes share one priority… which is to carefully manage cash.

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Topics: business continuity planning, managing business risk covid-19

Posted by GTC Financial on 18.08.2020

Cash Flow Management Best Practices

CASH (FLOW) IS KING! Watch our linked video to understand why that is (beyond the obvious). So you can take these steps in your business to strengthen your current position and create good habits that will benefit you in the future!

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Topics: cashflow, businessresilience

Posted by GTC Financial on 18.08.2020

Business Resilience: Through Precise Cash Flow Management

Planning, strategy, goal-setting… they’re all critically important… but without cash, a business is very unlikely to succeed, let alone survive. A resilient business is one with sufficient funds for operations and growth, now and in the future.

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Topics: Business Improvement, businessresilience

Posted by GTC Financial on 6.08.2020

8-Areas to Review to Maximise YOUR Marketing Results

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