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Haven’t made the move to Cloud Accounting yet?

22.02.2018 by Caitlin Purkis

Here are 7 amazing reasons to make the move to Cloud Accounting.

  1. Free up time, so you can spend time on doing the things that you love doing. Cloud accounting systems use bank feeds meaning the data comes straight from your bank account into your accounting system. The system ‘remembers’ common transactions and suppliers and suggest how they should be coded. You simply click Yes or No and you’re done.
  2. Your accountant can access the data as needed. If you have a question about your accounts, you can call or email your accountant and they can instantly log in and see what’s happening in real time – or if you choose, you can leave a message for your accountant in the accounting system as you code a transaction and the accountant can fix it, if it’s not correct
  3. Because of this, your accounting system is much more up to date and with more real time data, you can make better business decisions with your accountant’s input
  4. You can now access your critical business information anytime, from anywhere and from any device. Sitting on the beach with your smartphone or tablet if you choose.
  5. With brand new technology, we are able to view a dashboard of all of the important key performance indicators in our clients’ businesses. When we see red lights in your business, we can alert you straight away and give you tips on what to look for to turn the red light green.
  6. You never need to back up again. Cloud accounting systems are constantly saving and you can access it from any computer, laptop, table or smart phone. You will never lose your data again.
  7. There are many “add ons” such as point of sale which fully integrate with cloud accounting, meaning more time saved and no more double data entry.

If you want to make the move to the cloud, please contact us. You will be surprised at how easy it is and get ready to spend more time doing the things you love.

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