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Now is the time for Strategic Planning

12.07.2019 by Neville Hughes

A business plan and budget is a road map to succeeding in business. If you know where you want to go but you don’t know how you are going to get there, you may still reach your destination, but it will probably take you longer than if you had planned out the journey. Including your team in this process is vital to the success of your plan.

We held GTC’s Strategic planning session recently, where we as a team determine the goals we want to achieve in the upcoming year, and what plans we need to put in place to maximise our chance of achieving those goals. The team is focused and has agreed to the actions and what their role is in achieving them.

As many of you would expect, we also run these sessions for our clients.

Also available for you to download is a list of items that you might consider when preparing your 2019-2020 budget. Download List

July is a great time to get focused for the year ahead. If you would like us to run a strategic planning session for your business or need help with your budget let us know and we can get started.

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