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Risky business: part 3 your free risk assessment calculator

2.11.2016 by Neville Hughes

Last blog, I asked you about two butchers' businesses.  You can read the article here.

The responses from the question were interesting with the majority of people assuming both businesses would be worth a similar amount.

Which business is actually worth more?

Quite simply, business two would be worth significantly more than business one.

Yes, you would make a lower return by investing in business two but you would be more likely to recover your investment in the long term.

So how does a risky business impact your plans?

How do these risks impact your business, your retirement plans and what can you do about them?

The first step is to identify them.  There are various tools we can rely on, one we have used extensively is the Bstar risk and value driver assessment.

Once you’ve identified those risks which are adversely affecting your business, then you can develop a plan to minimise them.

Remember, if your business is riskier, it may sell for less than you think.  This means you will have less money to retire on and that should be your incentive to take action now.

Fill out the form below to access our risky business assessment calculator. Once you sign up, you will recieve the calculator in an email within 24 hours.


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